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Online treatment programs

Online treatment programs are highly suited for remote patient treatment. Therapist-supported Internet therapy for mental disorders is gaining popularity and as a result of the programs being online, 3-4 times as many patients are treated with the same resources and quality.

Therapist-supervised internet treatment for mental disorders is currently assessed in the same way as ordinary psychological treatments. This has been running on CheckWare since its inception in Norway.

Using the online treatment programs, patients increase the possibilities of reducing their symptoms through digital patient participation. Patients can carry out simple tests and surveys at the request of the clinician without having to show up at a health institution. In addition to better outcomes for the patients, the entire clinic can function in a more effective way, and treat more patients.

The therapists can spend more time on direct and efficient patient care, through remote patient monitoring. 

Managers can offer tailored-made effective treatment plans for the individuals through digital distance medical follow-ups, and more patients will get the therapy they need.

Digital patient involvement means that the patient can participate in their own treatment digitally, anytime and from anywhere. In addition, our online treatment programs allow more patients to get the help they need.


A win-win-win situation for all parties involved.

CheckWare provides the software that enables you to effectively digitize a treatment program. Similar to obtaining digital distribution rights for measures, we also enter into distribution agreements with right holders of treatment programs, to ensure the online services can benefit more patients.

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