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Remote Patient Monitoring

Patients should not have to go to the hospital unless they really have to! Extensive research shows that digital treatment solutions increase patients' self-competence and increase communication and interaction with healthcare professionals, as well as it provides patients with improved quality of life, less health issues, and less need for public health services.

CheckWare enables remote patient monitoring and home-based care through digital self-reporting and digital communication between patients and healthcare professionals.

Self-reporting measures relevant and tailored to each health area with individual thresholds for each patient enables patient-driven monitoring. 

Traditional patient monitoring and follow-up by fixed point of care consultations are replaced by remote monitoring, distance medical follow-up and admissions solely when required.


If high-security level logins for some reason prevent patient involvement, the healthcare service can offer the CheckWare GO app to patients and users of care. In the CheckWare GO app, sensor data such as weight and blood pressure monitors are combined with self-reporting measures on general health status.

Patients and users of care can connect with their healthcare service using video communication and messaging, including attachments of pictures and documents.

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