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CaReScreen receives financial aid from the Research Council's Pilot Health program!

Updated: Sep 3, 2021

Unicare has received financial aid from the Norwegian Research Council's Pilot Health program for their pilot project CaReScreen. The project aims to ensure that cancer patients have access to effective rehabilitation. CheckWare is a proud partner.

Unicare clinician treats patient.

CaReScreen has its basis in the need to identify cancer patients' rehabilitation requirements through the various phases of treatment. At the same time, there is a need for decision support to implement targeted measures in accordance with professional recommendations.

Many cancer patients and cancer survivors are not offered rehabilitation in due time, or at all. Unicare wants to change this, and to ensure that cancer patients have access to effective rehabilitation through digital patient participation. The goal of the pilot project is to give cancer patients the opportunity to return to their everyday lives as quickly as possible.

Through the development of a screening and decision support tool, it will be possible to identify the need for rehabilitation early in the treatment and provide clinicians with information about the patient's risk factors.

Patients and clinicians answers digital clinical assessments in the CheckWare solution, which together with registry data will provide clinical decision support, notify clinicians about occurring rehabilitation needs and provide clinical advice. The solution will be used at defined treatment contexts. Treatment contexts can be "diagnosis given", "start of treatment", "end of treatment", and "further referral". In addition, the solution can be used during the entire course of treatment or when needed.

The screening and decision support tool will be developed to utilize use machine learning combined with computer tools with a high computing power.

In the future, CaReScreen can be used in both specialist and primary health services, and especially during the transition from specialist health services to primary health services.

Health Pilot:

Health Pilot is one of the measures in the Norwegian government's commitment to a sustainable health service industry. The initiative gives companies in the public and private sectors the opportunity to collaborate in contributing to value creation by establishing needs-driven innovation. This will hopefully contribute to sustainability in the health and care service. The two prioritized initiatives are "The patient at home" and "Sustainable health services".


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