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CheckWare is ready for the next phase

Updated: Oct 22, 2021

All health trusts in Norway now use CheckWare within mental health and substance abuse. The procurements were completed in 2020, and in record time the solution was set in operation in 2021. As the market leader in Norway, we are ready to expand internationally. We are very much looking forward to the challenging job ahead of us, and we know that success outside the Norwegian borders will also strengthen the quality of our national operation.

Heidi Blengsli Aabel, CEO CheckWare
Heidi Blengsli Aabel, CEO

Digital maturity, anchoring in the top management and skilled customers with great commitment. These have been crucial factors when delivering and implementing the CheckWare solution in all the health trusts. The implementation process lasted less than nine months, which we are very pleased with. The prerequisite for the expansion is a secure and stable product, as well as dedicated, skilled colleagues in CheckWare. Together we have made it possible to succeed with an ambitious, national rollout plan. (Read full article here)

Now we are ready for what really matters:

To be a dedicated supporter for our customers so they as quickly as possible can allow their patients to participate digitally in their own treatment. We are also ready for an even bigger step; to export the CheckWare solution into other markets.

First step in Sweden

An agreement has already been made with Region Jönköping. The Swedish health region wanted a central solution, where purchasing of assessments and digital health services in psychiatry and psychometric tests were combined. "The partnership with CheckWare feels very genuine, honest and good", says a representative of the Swedish region to us. (Read complete article here) All in all, this open relation of mutual trust is what is the most important thing for CheckWare.

This applies regardless of which whom we may enter into new agreements with.

We are dedicated to our customers. We are reliable and use innovation to deliver quality. With these company values in mind, we will never forget our existing customers when we now expand our market and acquire new ones. We have provided solutions for digital patient participation since 2007 and we have offices in Norway, England, and Poland. And now also Sweden.

A new subsidiary with local employees has been established in Gothenburg. CheckWare AB is managed from Norway. Our vision remains, that patients around the world will receive more effective care through digital healthcare services. We strongly believe that the values ​​we have are already established, and that we live by in the Norwegian market, also are important to bring abroad.

Universal need for digital patient participation

We firmly believe that digital patient participation should be introduced worldwide. There is a universal need to get closer to patients, not limited to the Nordic countries. At the same time, we are of course humble enough to acknowledge that we still have much to learn. The combination of humility, enthusiasm, and a great commitment to understanding our customers' needs becomes important as we now expand.

But the most important thing about internationalization is that the export of a trustworthy, Norwegian solution within health technology overall makes us an even more robust player. Our ambition is to further develop the products and services we offer, and to gather inspiration and knowledge from other countries as well.

Our own employees are very good at learning, and the inner drive to constantly develop on a personal and professional level seems to be unstoppable.

It will not least strengthen us when we also continue our focus on somatics in Norway, an area in which we also aim to become market leaders. This makes the entire company confident that the next phase will be just as exciting as the previous 13 years that have passed since we started working with digital patient participation.

Heidi Blengsli Aabel,

CEO, CheckWare


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