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Digital measure number 6 million in CheckWare

There is no doubt that more and more healthcare providers are seeing the benefits of including patients more in the treatment. Digital health services can contribute to the treatment becoming more accessible to the patient, and can increase patient participation when the patient responds to digital measures at home.

Every day, thousands of measures are submitted through CheckWare in Norway, Sweden and England. The measures can be filled out digitally from anywhere, and can reduce the need for the patient to show up for an appointment at a health institution. At the same time, digital measures can help clinicians to be better prepared when patients show up for appointments, because patients have answered measures about their current state in advance.

In the late summer of 2021, we were able to announce that 5 million digital measures had been issued through CheckWare. That time we sent a celebratory cake to Lovisenberg DPS.

In December 2021, we were once again able to celebrate a milestone, when 400,000 respondents had used CheckWare for digital self-reporting.

Now we have yet another reason to celebrate!

On the 19th of February 2022, we reached a new milestone when measure number 6 million in CheckWare was issued by Unicare Steffensrud.

We therefore sent a celebratory cake to Unicare Steffensrud.

In less than 6 months, our customers have issued 1 million digital measures to their respondents, and the number of respondents has increased to more than 437,000.

Unicare Steffensrud is a rehabilitation center in Vestre Toten, and is part of the private health company Unicare, which provides specialist health services in interdisciplinary specialization, rehabilitation and treatment in intoxication and addiction.


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