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Digital treatment programs

CheckWare Treatment Programs makes it possible to offer patients and relatives a tailored user experience of treatment-adapted content. The module can be used to, among other things, offer clinician-supported treatment programs.

The customer's own content editors create content themselves in the new design tool CheckWare Program Designer. The tool is easy to use and requires no special technical expertise. Here you can upload files, write texts, add images, video or audio files, etc. The content is put together in sections and modules that together make up a program. Progression in the module-based system is determined by time, status or other rules if desired. The design tool can be compared to an LMS system (Learning Management System), but with the difference that this tool is adapted to a clinical setting and meets the requirements set for security and privacy.

Visual modularised web-based treatment program
Visual modularised web-based treatment program

For patients and relatives, the content is presented in a good interface where you can easily see where you are in the program. It is easy to navigate between content elements in the modules.

The responsible clinician for a treatment has a corresponding overview of what has been completed and what awaits the patient in the future. The clinician is given decision-making support, and also has the opportunity to influence progression in the treatment program for the individual patient through the tool.

For more information, please watch the CheckWare Treatment Program webinar (Norwegian only), or contact your CheckWare representative.


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