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Digitization for healthier patients

Updated: Mar 11, 2021

Lovisenberg Diaconal Hospital is introducing a digital tool to improve insight in whether patient treatment works. 4560 patients at Lovisenberg are given the opportunity to be assessed through CheckWare, and now have a real opportunity to state how their health condition is.

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Lovisenberg Diaconal Hospital has several strategic goals that they will implement; One of which is to involve the users more in their treatment plans. With CheckWare treatment results can be documented and continuously measured to improvetreatment quality during the hospital stay. In addition, the data from CheckWare can be used for clinical research based on the hospital’s patient base.

Acting manager at Lovisenberg DPS, Harald Aasen, believes this gives the opportunity to establish credible parameters for documenting if the treatment works. It will also be possible to establish a quality register where the employees will find positive and negative experiences with the treatments.

Lovisenberg Diaconal Hospital is owned by the diaconal foundations Diakonova and Diakonissehuset Lovisenberg, and is Norway’s largest private hospital. The hospital has since the start in 1968 been an integral part of Oslo’s public health services.

-We are committed to high quality on all patient treatment and our goal is to be in the lead in introducing new technology to promote interaction. Our methods and routines for interaction around the individual patient are continually developed and improved. We focus on tasks where we have sufficient volume on the patient treatment to promote good quality, also as a basis for research, he says, and involving users when designing and carrying out the treatment plan is an important driver.

More time for treatment

-With CheckWare you get more time for patient treatment. We have built a complete digital solution with all clinical assessments and tests that you need, as well as modules for self-management and digital dialogue, says CheckWare CEO, Heidi Blengsli Aabel.

The patients expect to be heard and to more actively participate in their own treatment, and they need to take more responsibility for their own treatment to meet the steadily increase in demand for health services.

- CheckWare enables existing services improvement and the development of new health services, by having the patients more actively participating in their own treatment. Patients are notified by email or text about clinical assessments, and can respond to the assessment anywhere and at any time by mobile, tablet or pc. The clinician gets immediate access to results showing status and development over time – this could be through the electronic patient records when integrations are used. Clinicians are more prepared when meeting patients and can easier follow changes.

The system has so far been used by 150,000 patients and at Lovisenberg, CheckWare is integrated with DIPS (electronic patient records) and Qlikview (system for quality assurance), says Blengsli Aabel. This means that data automatically flow between CheckWare (for patients), DIPS (for clinicians), and Qlikview (where quality information is reported).

For more information:

Lovisenberg Diaconal Hospital Pål Espen Olsen (image), Psychologist and Project Manager for «Systematic assessment and patient feedback in treatment» Mobile. +47 45 84 92 56, email:

CheckWare AS Heidi Blengsli Aabel, CEO Email:


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