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Improves innovation through long-term research

Updated: Aug 9, 2021

Innovation is a high priority at CheckWare, and we strongly believe that innovation within health services will improve the treatment for thousands of patients. Therefore, we are proud to be Forhelse’s strategic partner.

Tori Almaas, Advisor CheckWare jpg
Tori Almaas, Advisor at CheckWare

“In Forhelse, scientists, health services, businesses, and end users (patients, clinicians) collaborate in increasing the use of sustainable, accessible and effective digital mental health interventions. We will achieve this through operationalization of a framework for innovation, a framework for early health technology evaluation, clinical and financial evaluations, and by researching implementation strategies. Forhelse gathers the five most ambitious and relevant e-health businesses in Norway, four national and international leading research groups within innovative health services, five public health services with a leading national position within digitization, an innovative private non-professional health service which integrates mental and somatic health services, and clinicians and patients with firsthand experience with digital interventions. “ –

The goal is to increase digital health services by 20%

Forhelse is a research center for digital mental health services. The research center is a part of Center for Research Driven Innovation and is led by Haukeland University Hospital. Forhelse’s main purpose is to increase the effect, and the use of digital mental health services. This aligns with CheckWare’s vision about patients worldwide receiving more efficient health care through digital health services.

The goal for Forhelse is to increase the amount of mental health interventions to 15% by year 2025, and to 20% by 2030 to improve the Norwegian population’s mental health.

CheckWare contributes with what they know the best

Through 8 years, CheckWare will contribute to two work packages in Forhelse. Work Package 2 will research the cost efficiency of eMeistring on the CheckWare platform. Work Package 4 will research efficient implementation strategies for mage-tarm-skolen (IBS e-health program) and eMeistring (platform for clinician assisted online treatment for mental disorders), both on the CheckWare platform.

A large part of CheckWare’s contribution will be to facilitate for an easy data collection process through our solutions. In addition, CheckWare will contribute with consulting services, and as co-authors in one of the sub-projects. This gives CheckWare the possibility to be more involved in, and to be closer to the research.

- As a supplier of clinician-assisted online treatments, we believe it is important to do more research within this field to get to know the effect it has compared to more traditional methods of treatment. We are also interested in increasing our knowledge around the cost-benefit value it has for people using our solutions for this purpose. CheckWare’s overall goal is that as many patients as possible get the possibility to use digital health care services. Therefore, we need more documentation on our solutions, and whether they actually have a good effect for both patients and the health sector, says Tori Almaas, Advisor at CheckWare.

Among CheckWare’s values you will find “ We are reliable. We are innovators. We deliver quality”. Research on CheckWare’s products is therefore highly important to understand the patients’ and clinicians’ needs, and to adapt our solution accordingly.

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