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One million new measures in eight months!

The number of measures through CheckWare is really accelerating. Since February 19th we can add another million, and the seven million mark is passed. Cake is sent to Kronstad DPS (psychiatric outpatient clinic).

Recently we announced that the number of patients using CheckWare in digital reporting was doubled in the last three years. Patient number 500 000 was a participant of remote treatment of gambling addiction at Innlandet Hospital Trust.

Now another milestone is reached: Measure number 7 million was registered at Kronstad DPS in Bergen.

Psychiatric outpatient clinics (DPS) offer treatment of mental health problems where the patients has serious problems and needs treatment over time. At Kronstad, they have both outpatient, day-based, 24-hour and ambulatory services for patients.

Good odds for it being a DPS

- It is really not so surprising. The DPSs are large users of psychological measures, so the odds were good for it being one of them, says Nina Eltvik in Health Bergen.

Kronstad is one of three DPSs that sort under Helse Bergen. The other two are Bjørgvin and Øyane.

At Kronstad, it is standard practice that they send out the measures when the patients have their appointments planned, she says, and believes that it is an advantage that there are zealots at each institution who fight for aids and tools they believe in.

- There are zealots in every place, and there have been a couple of leading people at Kronstad. It's fun that it was one of our DPSs who got to pass the new million, she says.

Frode Næss, COO at CheckWare, says that it is nice to celebrate one of the departments that uses CheckWare, while of course it is wonderful that it is our customer of many years, Health Bergen, who is getting this appreciation.

At Kronstad DPS, they want to highlight their mercantile staff. Psychological specialist Beate Bø says that they really deserve praise and recognition for the work they do.

In the picture front from left: Torild Rydningen, Torild Hustrulid, Heidi Rykkje, Francoise Derrien and Hege Birkeland. Back from left; Elin Mikkelsen, Synnøve Småbrekke and Ann Vikebø.


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