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Remote patient assessment and monitoring

Updated: Apr 6, 2021

The Covid-19 pandemic is far from over, and there is no going back to business as usual any time soon. There is an ever-present danger of the virus re-emerging, slowing down basic processes and treatments. Staffing is also heavily affected.

Personnel in high-risk categories may need to stay away from front-line duties and the remaining staff must deal with heavy changes to the previous normal routines.

To assist health professionals in dealing with the daily risks in this stressful situation, digital tools and solutions are available.

Digital participation has evolved from "nice to have" to "need to have".

Prioritise patients with the most acute need for care

Remote patient monitoring enables healthcare professionals to focus their attention on patients who need the most care and treatment. Patients can self-report from home and manage their conditions from home.

Reduce the need for face-to-face appointments

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Patients should not have to go to the hospital unless they really have to! Extensive research shows that digital solutions that increase patients' self-competence and increase communication and interaction with healthcare professionals provide patients with improved quality of life, less health issues, and less need for public health services.

CheckWare enables remote patient monitoring and home-based care through digital self-reporting and digital communication between patients and healthcare professionals.

Monitor patients' progress digitally

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Self-reporting assessments, relevant and tailored to each health area, with individual thresholds for each patient enable patient-driven monitoring.

Traditional monitoring and follow-up by fixed point of care consultations are replaced by remote assessments and admissions - solely when required.

Lessen the risk of infection

CheckWare offers a complete set of digital assessments that help to increase the quality of treatment and free up clinical resources.

The digital assessments can be used in any care pathway. With an embedded workflow tool/engine, NHS Trusts and clinics can decide who will answer which assessment, in what order and at what time.

No matter where patients are, CheckWare can deliver an individual scored report with health updates to clinicians. Clinicians will have immediate access to clinical reports giving current health status and change over time.

Using digital assessments reduces the need for physical meetings and thus reduces the risk of infection both for clinicians and patients.


About CheckWare

CheckWare is an international software company that has taken a leading position in digital patient participation.

We are a market leading supporter of hospitals and clinics offering digital healthcare services to their patients and service users.

We provide solutions with high professional expertise and quality for digital assessments, remote patient monitoring, home-based care and online treatment programs.

Our vision is that patients worldwide will receive better care and improved health outcomes through digital healthcare services.

CheckWare has digital distribution rights for over 1,100 updated clinical assessments, tests, PROMs and diagnostic interviews, for use in all areas of healthcare.

Please do not hesitate to contact us for more information on how we can be of assistance.


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