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Studio - Simple reports



In this course, you will gain a more in-depth understanding of the CheckWare Studio tool and how you can create simple reports for your self-developed assessments and tests.

The course will always be held on the latest CheckWare software version.


The course is intended for you who have the task of preparing assessments and tests to be used in digital health services at your own workplace and who need reports that are to be generated automatically when the form is provided by a patient or health personnel.


The course is intended for the advanced user of the customer, and is not intended for a normal clinician role.


You should have knowledge of CheckWare at the level of completing the superuser basic course through CheckWare Academy. In addition, it is a requirement that you have completed the Studio- Assessments course through CheckWare Academy.


You must have a good IT understanding and basic knowledge in html coding. You must also know the basic principles behind scripting and programming.


It is an advantage that you have an understanding of the purpose of assessments and tests you already use from CheckWare or have prepared yourself.


You will learn how to prepare simple digital reports on your already self-developed assessments and tests.

Through theory, examples and practical exercises, you will learn how reports should be designed with standards, regulations and procedures already incorporated in CheckWare.

You will of course receive useful tips that you can take with you further in the preparation of assessment reports.



The course is run in English through Microsoft Teams. There will be a lot of theory, several examples and many practical tasks to be done.


It is an advantage that you as a course participant have two screens available. Normally we have room for up to 8 participants per course. This provides ample room for follow-up of each individual course participant along the way.


It is a requirement for participation that the course participant has their own Windows-based PC (not Mac), and that Java (JRE) is installed on this PC.


It is also a requirement for participation that a separate license for CheckWare Studio has been purchased and used. This license is always registered on a named user.

1 day, from 9AM-3PM CET.


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