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Your trusted partner of solutions enabling digital healthcare

CheckWare is an international software company that has taken a leading position in digital patient involvement.


We are a market leading supporter of hospitals and clinics offering digital healthcare services to their patients and service users.


We provide digital solutions with high professional expertise and quality for digital measures, remote patient monitoring, and online treatment programs.


Our vision is that patients worldwide will receive better care and improved health outcomes through digital healthcare services.

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Challenges we solve

More time for each patient

Patients can self-report from home. This provides easier collection and follow-up of information for use in clinical work, research and Trust outcome reporting Our customers have reported a 64% reduction in administrative work and an average of 30 minutes reduction in time spent on each measure. This is freeing up time to be spent on patient care.

Prioritize patients with the most acute need for care

Remote patient monitoring enables healthcare professionals to focus their attention on patients who need the most care and treatment. Patients can self-report from home and manage their conditions from home. Healthcare providers can focus on patients with the most serious need for care.

Improve quality of life

Patients may find it awkward or difficult to talk about their conditions, especially within addiction and mental health treatment. Digital self-reporting increases self-motivation and involvement whilst providing healthcare professionals with valuable patient data to improve the individualized provision of care. 

Research has proven that active ownership of one's own health situation increases the level of patient capability. Self-reporting can improve the patient's quality of life and reduce the need for treatment.

Insights in treatment outcomes

CheckWare enables healthcare providers to measure patient status and change over time. Using PROMs (Patient-Reported Outcome Measures) makes it easy to measure the outcome of treatment based on the patient's experience.

Good health and well-being

CheckWare provides solutions addressing the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals within health and well-being. We deliver cost-effective healthcare solutions and can assist in ensuring quality of treatment in digital health systems anywhere in the world.

About CheckWare

CheckWare is the market leading vendor of solutions for digital patient participation in Norway and is expanding rapidly within the rest of the world.

CheckWare is a state-of-the art digital platform designed for trusts, hospitals and clinics offering digital self-reporting to monitor patient health status, patient-reported outcome measures and online treatment programs to patients.

We offer information security compliant digital solutions that can be adapted to any care pathway. CheckWare provides access to clinical measures, tests, screening tools and PROMs in one single solution.

CheckWare is used by 764,000 patients across 250 clinics and hospitals.

We aim to become a key international player in solutions for digital patient engagement.

Kristin T. Lærum,

Quality, development and strategy manager at Vestre Viken HF

CheckWare opens up a new world of possibilities for us, and ensures quality in the entire patient pathway.

Espen Halvorsen,

Department manager DPS for upper and lower Telemark

We get the possibility to perform research studies with accurate data that we otherwise would not have. We can go back in time and compare across departments, at the same time as the web based tool enables follow-up assessments, also when treatments are completed.

Petter Thornam,

Director, Haraldsplass Diaconal Hospital

By using digital measures, we can follow up the patients without meeting them at the hospital. The patient can be followed up at home, and in this way we still exchange important information, and save time and resources, both for the patient and the hospital.

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